Thank goodness it doesn't seem to be the remains of some massacre. Apparently it was done to make room for more bodies. Still, couldn't they just have dug a deep pit?


I imagine it was a disturbing thing to see.

On one of my first trips to Rome I went to see the Santa Maria della Concezione dei Cappuccini church on the Via Veneto.

The crypt contains the skeletons and especially skulls of over 3500 monks.

Don't know what possessed me to go in there; I got back out as quickly as possible. Didn't want to know where and how they let the bodies decay and then positioned the bones. I mean, I get the whole memento mori thing, but YIKES!

The overcrowding of cemeteries is a real thing, though, at least in Italy. Most people's remains are in slabs above ground. So long as your loved ones pay a fee, the bones can remain. After that they remove them to leave room for others. Given how long and how intensely populated Italy has always been, and the dearth of good farmland, I understand the necessity, but I still don't like to think of them being removed and thrown into a pit.

Maybe cremation is the solution.