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Thread: Car maker gender: which cars are more masculine or feminine?

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    I had one for 1 or 2 years I think I met my goals in the short distances: Speed, ease of parking, go unnoticed and have no concerns about theft, scratches, broken glass to be in the street.

    For me there is no car, my goal is the destination and where I want to go If I get it and I have been invisible along the way I don't need more.

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    I think I get where you're coming from. I have two cars, my wife's car, a BMW M3 for when I want to DRIVE!!, and my car, a Toyota RAV4, when I just want to get from here to there, and haul and few things. There's nothing wrong with either pick and, to be honest, we spend most of the time in the RAV4.

    But, if we go back to the original point of Maciamo's post, what gender is your vehicle (and why)?

    For my vehicles, each is, I think, a combination. The M3 performance is very much a bad-boy vibe (Top Gear said the only people who drive them are D**ks, which my wife embraces), but the body is very feminine in its curves. The RAV4 (a 2011, so not the current iteration) is, as an SUV, somewhat male, but its 'face' is on the cute scale, so a little on the 'baby' scale.

    And no, I don't any of this seriously.

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