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Thread: MAKEDONIA, Central Makedonia.

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    Country: Greece

    MAKEDONIA, Central Makedonia.

    PIERIA preferacture.

    I do not classify if it is a touristic video, or a gastronomikon one,But it is my wider homeland, my closer PATRIDA, considering as closest a smaller range from family village.

    1rst visit is Litochoro and mt Olympos (today main entrance to Olymp)
    2nd is at Pieria mountains (the black boar)
    3rd is the ancient Dion area (the kiwi land, the most holy city of ancients and the old entrance to climb Olympos)
    4rth is Rache, in the North side of Olympos. (the wine tasting, but as always Makedonian pitta -cheesepie- steals impression)
    5th is Rache but the worldwide famous Pieria oregano fields (3 areas are consider as top for oregano, Olymp, Saos Samothrace, and Evoia,)
    6th is deeper North Olympos, Bara, above Petra (to Kokkinopelos road), the ideal height of Sideritis, the famous Olympos-Greek tea.

    some of them are people I know personally,
    most of them study at university but decide to continue back in nature.

    the black boar,
    the black pig you see are autochthonos race, dating back to early domestication of pigs
    they are considered as the native and natural evolution of first domesticated pigs,
    all pigs until 1900 about were like this, almost exting at 1970's,
    since pig metabolism is simple, and assimilates what he eats, feeding him with correct food, and let him an area to walk free, you will find that it has a lot of Ω3 fats,
    Black boar meat if feed and walks free is about to be considered as 'super food'
    as you know, a pig by in nature will eat oak nuts, olives, truffles, than corn.

    The Olympos tea -Sideritis
    this tea needs height to get at its best,
    it world wide known as Greek tea, but few areas have a trade mark,
    Olympos tea is one of the top.

    Olympos Oregano
    that is the main spice in area,
    It is one of the top in the world, if not the best.
    some even drink it as tea, but I would not advice you to do so, except if a doctor suggest such.
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    Y-DNA haplogroup
    MtDNA haplogroup

    Ethnic group
    Makedonian original
    Country: Greece

    Pella preferacture
    Edessa town/city

    the most beautyfull town/city in Central Makedonia is Edessa,
    the capital of ancient Brygians,
    it is mainly divided at 2 leveles, the lowerland called Loggos and the above the rock called high rock, (Λογγος, Ψηλος βραχος)

    The today city form is after a strong earthquake at Medieval times, that changed the route of the river, and created the waterfalls,
    1/4 of the city is back to 1900 AD,
    Barosi/Varosi square was burned at WW2 by Nazi's,
    it is declared as traditional square, and is rebuild, just as like it came straight from 1900-1930.
    everything there is with same materials from that era,

    Edessa due to waterfalls was the first town/city that produced electricity in Greece,
    and it was a high industrial area, due to watermills.

    the Barosi square and industrial zone

    a view by drone

    Edessa primary delicassy is cherries,

    Edessa cherry trees

    dark cherries

    red cherries

    The season of the cherries is marked with races, dances, fairs afull fiesta and festival season.

    you may also find plums and peaches,
    Edessa dry plums are known world wide,

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