A relative is listed as R - DF19 with one direct match in England and one direct match in Sweden on the 37 marker test.

I've read varying results from Family Tree DNA.com....one said 7 matches in Sweden, another said 17 matches in Sweden.
It is found in England, Scotland, Ireland, Sweden, Germany, Norway, (Strangely not so much in Denmark only one match), and even a few in Spain, Portugal, and Italy, along with Belgium.

There is a DF19 carrier in a Roman tomb in York, England I've read....I will assume he was a Germanic mercenary for the Roman army, possibly Goths or Batavians.

My guess is Danes from southern Sweden are where most DF19 carriers are from...

Someone sent me pinpoints of where DF19 is found:
Southern Sweden
Northern Scotland
Southern England
Southwestern France
Western Germany (along the Rhine)

Strangley a relative took 23andMe back in 2009 and was listed as R - U152 from Northern Ireland....while he was listed as R - DF19 on Family Tree DNA....

Can anyone make a shaded map for R - DF19 like all the others????