I highly recommend to read books with Kindle. I personally read on my smartphone, not a separate Kindle device. There are numerous advantages.

  • As long as you have your phone with you you always have something to read whenever you have time to kill, be used in a waiting room in a train, in a plane, in a café, in a restaurant, and of course at home.
  • You can adjust the brightness and contrast as well as the font types and size.
  • You can read in the dark. I always use the reading mode on my phone to lower the blue light that interferes with sleep. I keep it on all day, just to be on the safe side.
  • I like to read while walking around my house or garden. This way I exercise at the same time. It helps me reach my 10,000 daily steps.
  • Kindle help me save a lot of space. I read about 50 books per year and that would require a lot of bookshelves if I didn't buy ebooks.
  • Ebooks are cheaper and more eco-friendly (think of all the tree cut down to print the billions of paper books sold every year worldwide).
  • You can order them instantly instead of waiting for the delivery or wasting time going to a bookshop.
  • I almost always get a free sample before buying an eBook to be sure that I am interested in the book.
  • I highlight all the important passages in a book in one colour, ideas I want to discuss in another colour and new vocabulary in yet another. Kindle lakes it easy to export highlights to Google Drive, Evernote or anywhere else. With paper books I feel very reluctant to highlight or write notes directly in the book. Copying everything on a separate piece of paper is cumbersome, time-consuming and doesn't allow to keep once notes at hand all the time.