Hello everyone, I am here to share with you my results from Living DNA which are very relevant.

I am Swiss, descended in the vast majority from Bernese Anabaptists. As it is a fairly closed and close-knit community, it is very simple to go back a long way and establish a complete genealogy. I could define myself in the following way:
- My paternal grandfather is the only one with French-speaking Swiss origins (only on his pure paternal lineage side). For everything else, he is descended from Bernese Anabaptists.
- My paternal grandmother is primarily descended from Thurgovians (northeastern Switzerland), and to a lesser extent from Bernese Anabaptists.
- My maternal grandfather is a pure Bernese Anabaptist.
- My maternal grandmother is Dutch, mostly from Gelderland, Groningen, and Friesland.

The autosomal results I was given are as follows:
- 77.2% South Germanic
- 20.7% Northwest Germanic
- 2.1% England and Wales.

Here we clearly notice the 22.8% coming from my Dutch grandmother (so 1/4 of my genetic heritage) and the remaining 3/4 coming from my father and not maternal grandfather. The fact that my Dutch grandmother has 2.2% South Germanic is explained by the fact that some of the lines I have identified come from Flanders (Belgium).

The only big mystery is the origin of my haplogroup Y (L21), which is almost non-existent in Switzerland, since my paternal grandfather is probably descended from the indigenous inhabitants of the Jura who were successively "invaded" by the Anabaptists. The inhabitants of the region, before the Alpine Celts settled, would not all have left for the British Isles ...
Then last thing, my mtDNA haplogroup is H46, on which I did not find any information. Anyone know anything about it?

That's it, my presentation is over. Don't hesitate to let me know your results if you have Swiss origins!