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Thread: Does anyone know why this happens? (Vahaduo)

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    Compare Finland and Poland with Norway for example:

    Target: Finnish
    Distance: 5.1847% / 0.05184738

    Anatolia_Barcin_N 30.6
    Yamnaya_RUS_Samara 30.0
    RUS_Karelia_HG 27.0
    WHG 9.8
    Nganassan 2.6

    Target: Polish:Polish16
    Distance: 4.6207% / 0.04620698

    37.2 Anatolia_Barcin_N
    28.6 Yamnaya_RUS_Samara
    24.4 RUS_Karelia_HG
    9.8 WHG

    Target: Norwegian
    Distance: 4.8877% / 0.04887723
    46.2 Yamnaya_RUS_Samara
    35.6 Anatolia_Barcin_N
    13.2 WHG
    5.0 RUS_Karelia_HG

    Did you see the big difference? The difference gets even bigger when we include Irish in the comparison

    Target: Irish
    Distance: 4.9374% / 0.04937387
    49.8 Yamnaya_RUS_Samara
    36.4 Anatolia_Barcin_N
    13.8 WHG

    No EHG in Ireland. But the closer you get to Finland and Eastern Europe, the more EHG.

    Finns are closer to Poles than Norwegians for the same reason.

    Distance to: Finnish
    0.05559852 Polish:Polish16
    0.06710421 Norwegian

    Target: Finnish
    Distance: 5.3291% / 0.05329137

    72.0 Polish
    28.0 Norwegian

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tomenable View Post
    Dagne I think that Corded_Ware_Baltic_Early was a "fresh off the bout" (or rather: "fresh off the horse") migrant straight from Ukraine's Steppe.

    Corded_Ware_Baltic_Late - on the other hand - was already mixed with local population, which is why it is more similar to modern Lithuanians.

    So it seems CWC_Baltic_Early didn't have any extra components, quite the opposite - it was missing some crucial components, absorbed later.


    This average includes these 3 individuals:



    List of populations closest to CWC_Baltic_early based on scaled version of coordinates:


    Well, Baltic Hunter Gatherers and Immigrant Herders (Early Baltic Corded Ware) did not mix in the Baltic territory for quite a long time - they had different diet, lifestyle and lived in different places. So it is not like IE herders conquered the land - basically they stayed apart. The herders needed to deforest fertile grassland while the forest Neolithic inhabitants lived in swampy places next to rivers because they mainly ate fish. I imagine that Hunter Gatherers were like Yeti or Bigfoot - they were somewhere around, but no one could really meet or see them apart from traces that they left.

    In broad terms these Early Baltic Corded Ware individuals from Plinkaigalis and Gyvakarai did not have that much of hunter gatherer (compared to earlier or later Eastern Baltic peoples) or any neolithic farmer while the later corded ware had (*because they eventually started to mix with local HG and also farmers mediated from more western CWC horizon).

    Early Baltic Corder Ware is quite close to Yamnaya from Kalmykia, too, which is just a bit North of the Northern Caucasus.
    Amazing, how similar CWC individuals are, how widely they spread, and how far they could have travelled during their lifetime. For Baltic archeologists it was always difficult to find remains of housing for CWC. It was explained that it is because they were herders and constantly on a move or because they travelled like campaigns of mercenaries/warriors who kept on coming and going rather than settled in one place for all seasons.
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