Finally, Gilad spoke about the much-anticipated update to MyHeritage’s Ethnicity Estimate: Genetic Groups. This update will provide a much higher-resolution breakdown of DNA ethnicity — possibly, Gilad says, the highest-resolution on the market, with 2,000–3,000 geographic regions at first and perhaps 5,000 in a future update.
Genetic groups will break the existing 42 ethnicities down into subgroups, including ethnic groups such as the Basques, the Sámi, and the Bretons, and even identifying groups that came from a particular city, such as Moroccan Jews from Casablanca. When the feature is released, every person who has taken a MyHeritage DNA test will be able to access this information for free.
Later, MyHeritage plans to add more valuable information that connects ethnicity to genealogy: common surnames from that region, common locations where that group is found, migration routes, and so on.
Wonder if they're going to charge for the re-analysis or it will be free.