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Thread: eBussy: a new revolutionary modulable electric vehicle

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    It's hard to describe what eBussy is in one word. It's a minibus, but also mini motorhome, a pickup truck and a van, all rolled into one. The eBussy is an astonishing electric vehicle based on a modular concept that the manufacturer promises to be as easy to handle as Lego bricks. Its launch is scheduled for next year.

    The new modulable vehicle was created by ElectricBrands, a German company that manufactures a model of electric scooter and scooter. It will be made from 98% recyclable materials. Its autonomy is estimated between 200 and 800 km while empty and between 150 and 600 km when at full load capacity, which ranges from 400 kg to 1 tonne. eBussy will be equipped with photovoltaic cells and an energy recovery system that will allow it to generate a daily range of up to 200 km.

    What is amazing is that the announced base price is a mere 15,800 €, while the mini motorhome configuration will cost 28,800 €.

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    Cool thing! I've never seen this on the road. It's a pity

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