Grande y Felicisima Armada Is how was called the navy assembled by Felipe II of Spain, to invade England in 1588, in the context of the Anglo-Spanish War (1585-1604). Ended with the Treaty of London, favorable to Spain.

Fleet size: (Wikipedia .es)
Another quite common misrepresentation [citation needed] relative to this historical episode is the idea that the English fleet was much lower in number of ships and guns than the Spanish and that, despite this, the English achieved with their skill and cunning defeat the Spanish fleet. [citation needed] This is absolutely false, since in reality the English ships outnumbered the Spanish, despite the fact that the Spanish fleet outnumbered in tons the English, and the Spanish fleet was, a priori, more powerful. In fact, the fleet mobilized by the Royal Navy consisted of 226 ships, although 163 of those ships were merchant. At that time the English fleet only consisted of 63 armed ships, compared to the 137 that made up the Great and Happiest Armada. Regarding the number of guns, the Spanish fleet had 2,431 guns, while the English fleet had approximately 2,000 guns (individually, the Spanish ships were much more armed than the English).

Tratado de Londres, Spaniards to the left, English to the right:

Nobody in Spain had called Armada invincible to that fleet in those times. It was an English invention to magnify their victory and to make look silly at spaniards.