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Thread: Is there any famous person who have R1b-V88 or other basal R1b?

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    Is there any famous person who have R1b-V88 or other basal R1b?

    I wonder it. but I do not find.

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    Y-DNA haplogroup
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    I'm sure, there are some famous people who have it, although I haven't seen R1b-V88 assigned to any of them. FTDNA has a listing of R1b-V88's in their Basal R1b group.

    Maybe among some Saudi, Egyptian or Chadic celebrities. It's got a pretty wide spread geographically, but in most of these areas it's pretty rare. We'll probably just have to wait for the dna testing buzz to catch on in areas where R1b-V88 has the numbers.

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    Y-DNA haplogroup
    MtDNA haplogroup

    Ethnic group
    Ashkenazi Jewish just from France and Germany which is uncommon
    Country: United States

    The Twersky Chassidic Dynasty belongs to R-FGC21047 which is downstream of R1b-V88.

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