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Thread: J2 in Central Asia

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    J2 in Central Asia

    I know the paper on Central and South Asia found J2 in Central Asia. But many maps shows J2 as far east as the Tarim Basin or Gansu. So is this related to Neolithic farmers or something picked up in the Turkic expansion from Western Central Asia? What do we know about the Tarim Basin before it was settled by Tocharians?

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    I think that neolitic people of Iran have rich J2 y dna. expansion of median, achaemenid, sasanian and other iranian empires bring own J2 into central asia. also tocharians-scythians-sarmatians expansion and migration bring J2 into central asia.

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    Looking at kosova vs greece (football match) it looks like j2a is most likely persian and I think ottoman spread it in some parts of balkans too (Turkey mostly & Greece/Bulgaria along with j1 which was given to persians through the early muslim conquests). Half the greece team looks persian/middle eastern whilst the kosova team looks "european" yet not like other europeans, they look quite unique

    What I don't understand though is the big amount of j2a in italy (especially south) since persians and Italians don't have much history, though the j2a come in a lot of different subclades. Theories like ancient greeks being related to persians is possible or having mixed with each other, ancient greeks settled south Italy. Some j2a may also be phoenician?
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