Unilever pledges to invest €1bn in eliminating fossil fuels from cleaning products by 2030

"Unilever has announced it is to invest €1bn in measures that could allow it to eliminate fossil fuels from its cleaning and laundry products by the end of the decade, an intervention it claims is critical if it is to deliver on its goal of reaching net zero emissions from its products by 2039.

The company intends to transition the products across its cleaning brands - which include Persil, Sunlight, Domestos and Cif - away from chemicals made from fossil fuel feedstocks and replace them with renewable or recycled sources of carbon, such as carbon captured using carbon capture utilisation technology or recovered from waste materials.

This is great news as Unilever is Europe's biggest consumer goods company, owning some 400 brands sold in 190 countries.

The Anglo-Dutch conglomerate obtained an ESG rating of 90% in the S&P Global ESG Sustainability Rankings and was awarded a SAM Glod Class as the top-performing company in the personal product industry. Its main competitor, Procter & Gamble got a score of 60%.