I am quite curious, why the ancient Romans had in the public baths they were building, an elaborated Sauna system.
If the Latins have migrated to Italy from Baltics areas (through Germany, Austria) it would make sense.
Italy was a warm area even in the times of Romans.
Another thing that is interested about ancient Latin language is that it had simple and double vowels - our days Romance languages did not kept the double vowels.
The only Europe languages that are having double vowels, are Finnish and Estonian, but those are Finnic.

Germany, Austria do have significant R1B-U152.
Tyrol also has 20% J2, Y DNA. Tyrol also has 20% or more R1B-U152.

A little about Romans Baths sauna system:

The warm room, in which you were entering to get your body pre-heated:
The hot room:

From the hot room, you were going to the cold room:

Going to Sauna heated room and after, cooling your body, but by jumping in cold water is practiced in our days in Finland , Baltics, Russia.

Is quite weird, that Romans were giving to their citizens, as a basic life need, Public Baths with Saunas, besides bread.
No idea from where exactly Latins came to Italy, but them giving Public Baths with Saunas show they came to Italy from a Nordic place.