recently I have explored the probable natural way of treating the recent covid-storm and concluded that the alkalinity level of the blood have greatest effect in combating virus illnesses ... check the linked context in this avianflu forum thread

feel free to ask any question about all that offered as clue in this link ... earlier mids the h1n1 pandemics decade ago I got sick and threated myself only by lemon juice intake, tho back then I havent clue that the Zinc as oligoelement was the main virus annihilator and the citric acid only his booster in the cells ... tho one thing that is problem is his absorption in the digestive tract because the phosphates , but that could be overcome by overnight soaking of the veggies in lemon juice or vinegar >>> While in the intestines, phytic acid can bind the minerals iron, zinc, and manganese. Once bound, they are then excreted in waste. [1][1][1]