The European Union is considering a new law to ban the sale of products linked to deforestation and ecosystem destruction. Let’s make sure it passes, to save our Earth’s forests! Join the campaign to support the new law:

To the European Commission:

"As citizens and consumers from across the world, we support new legislation to ban the sale of any products linked to deforestation and nature destruction."

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Half the Earth's forests are now gone.

15 BILLION trees are chopped down every year -- 476 every single second. That's our rainforests, jungles, and woodlands being decimated to make space for ever more cattle, palm oil, and soybeans.

But today we have a unique opportunity to change it.

Right now the EU is considering a new law to ban any products linked to deforestation. If the law passes, the EU is such a massive market that it could force the world's biggest companies to change, transforming the global supply chain, and helping to save our woodlands, wetlands, and mangroves.

Earth needs this law -- so let's win it now and help save the world's forests! Add your voice before the consultation closes, and tell everyone you can.