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anthrogenica became heaven for afrocentrist
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This poster called Mansamusa, is an active member of Egyptsearch, a forum that promotes racial pride, black supremacy and claims ancient black glorious past and asserts that Ancient Egypt was black. He wrote this:

OriginallyPosted by Mansamusa [IMG]file:///C:/Users/User/AppData/Local/Temp/lu107961dgzm9.tmp/lu107961dgzor_tmp_95b6beca5d37afd5.png[/IMG]
In my humble opinion, it would be best not to encourage or even coddle people into taking pride in their heritage based on actual ancestry to ancient inhabitants of the country they live in. The idea that North Africa and Egypt have remained the same throughout human history from since the neolithic to the present is rather far-fetched and borders on unrealistic nationalism. Furthermore, what on earth is wrong with modern Egyptians taking pride in Ancient Egyptian culture as their national heritage whether or not they are direct descendants of Ancient Egyptians?

This approach of linking national cultural heritage to genetics will just lead people to setting themselves up for a) disappointment when or if later results prove their belief wrong, b) bias in interpreting results to suit a preconceived agenda, and c) an anti-scientific attitude which rejects results that do not fit the nationalist agenda.

What a joke! An Afro-centrist who claims Ancient Egypt civilization as his, parades and boasts with AE achievements as a proof for black superiority and a source for black pride, blasts modern Egyptians for taking pride in the heritage of their ancestors. Classical case of sour grapes syndrome and coping mechanism.

The PC anthrogenica Moderators still haven't banned this guy despite his several provoking and inflammatory diction. He constantly accuses Western geneticists, anthropologists/Egyptologists of racism and bias. Astounding double standards.

Another Afrocentricist who pushes the ancient black Egypt agenda called beyoku wrote this:

1- They are the ancestors of East Africans....either them directly or an intermediate common ancestor probably in Egypt. IBM = U6/M1/V68 -These are some of the most dominant lineages in Horners.
2- Its not Common sense at all. Common sense told us Natufian was SSA. If Natufian Look SSA, you dont know if those Jebel Sahabans are strongly Natufian or Strongly Dinka like just by looking at a skull. Furthermore Nilotic and Nilo Saharan ancestry is not necessarily SSA.

A blatant lie and made up junk. Anthropologists never classified Natufians as Negroid, but as proto-Mediterranean, with some late Natufian samples showing some minor SSA/negroid affinities, such as prognathism and a wider nose. The fact is, that professional anthropologists can easily tell a Negroid skull from a Caucasian one apart. They can also recognize admixed, intermediate groups by examining the skull, too. Anyway, Afro-centrists on anthrogenica due to the woke AG Mods can spread their BS without restriction while Egyptologists with PhD are insulted as pseudo-scientists and physical anthropology is dismissed as pseudo-science, there. And this forum prides itself with guaranteeing high quality content by moderating it to death and treating users differently. Trololo.