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Thread: Ethnicity of my fathers unknown great grandfather

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    Ethnicity of my fathers unknown great grandfather

    Hello community,

    since I started Genealogy in 2006, I am trying to find out who my fathers unknown great grandfather was.
    His great grandmother was a maidservant from West Germany who had his grandmother in 1895 and then disappeared.
    Recently I found her in New York where she had a second child and lived with her new husband. Sadly she and the child died in 1899.
    I hoped the man would be our unknown ancestor, but as it turned out there is no relation to him.
    So the father of my fathers grandmother stays a secret.
    I traced my family tree back to the 1500s and took a DNA Test in 2017 (my parents too) because I was hoping to be able to find my fathers unknown ggf that way.
    Sadly so far nothing came out of it. However, I was able to confirm the most of his lines by cousin matches, so I know his tree is correct and so I do know where his
    ancestors descended from.

    We are Germans in Germany, he's got Frisian, but also Netherlandish, Belgian and French ancestors which is also visible in his ethnicity
    results, especially on gedmatch (I tried all kinds of tools, e.g. MDLP K23b) which basically showed exactly that what his tree says.
    He has got a completely western european background. But now, I find there are lots of matches for him on my heritage who are from different areas in Eastern Europe
    with completely Eastern European trees.
    This doesn't fit to the tree we know so far and I wonder if his unknown ggf might have been from Eastern Europe.
    On the other hand are his gedmatch ethnicity results full of British, Scottish and Irish, though I noticed that Frisian DNA can be similar to those areas and he is partially Frisian/Netherlandish.

    My question is now: Is it possible to tell by his MDLP K23b or any other tool, where his unknown ggf might have been from? At least which area it most likely was?

    This is his MDLP K23b result:

    Using 1 population approximation:
    1 Belgian 3.339781
    2 South_German 4.068485
    3 Frisian 4.294689
    4 English 4.843931
    5 English_Kent_GBR 5.002952
    6 Irish 5.398051
    7 German-Volga 5.551586
    8 North_European 5.693431
    9 CEU 6.496578
    10 English_Cornwall_GBR 6.503856
    11 Dutch 6.673158
    12 Welsh 6.889786
    13 British 7.000380
    14 Scottish_Argyll_Bute_GBR 8.992249
    15 Norwegian_East 9.107435
    16 North_German 9.326900
    17 Norwegian_West 9.482068
    18 Orcadian 9.523841
    19 Austrian 9.946774
    20 Dane 10.123026

    And a comparison to Eurogenes K13:

    Using 1 population approximation:
    1 South_Dutch 2.880899
    2 West_German 3.414454
    3 Southeast_English 5.872387
    4 North_German 6.832698
    5 North_Dutch 7.794839
    6 Danish 7.901916
    7 Orcadian 8.029578
    8 Southwest_English 8.254466
    9 Irish 9.183785
    10 French 9.418639
    11 West_Scottish 9.687655
    12 Norwegian 10.494987
    13 Austrian 11.057423
    14 Swedish 11.613647
    15 East_German 12.572018
    16 Hungarian 16.270138
    17 North_Swedish 16.705030
    18 Spanish_Cataluna 18.086088
    19 Spanish_Castilla_Y_Leon 19.438505
    20 Spanish_Galicia 19.586180

    Thanks in advance for your opinions
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    Is there anybody out there? :)

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    If you take the first two closest approximations from the both, you get (in approximation order): South Dutch, Belgian, West German, South German.

    If I would have to guess, the best candidate geographically would be the Dutch region of Limburg. It has an interesting history, check it out on on Wikipedia.

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    I dont understand how you got his DNA to get that Gedmatch result. Unless that is your Fathers result? Nerveless, he is prob just North/Western German.

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