I have been using Google for 20+ years, performing dozens of searches per day, and seeing hundreds of ads on various websites almost every day. Yet, I think I have only clicked twice on a Google ad in my life, as the ads never seem to be relevant to my interests. It's all the stranger since I accepted from the start that Google customise the ads displayed based on my search history.

Amazon doesn't do much better. I have also been a regular customer for some 20 years. I have bought hundreds of books on Amazon, first paper ones, then on Kindle. Yet the Kindle recommendations rarely show anything I might be interested in. I always have to actively search for new titles as the AI isn't doing its job. Prime Video is even worse in that regard. It's as if they were trying to push the same recommendations on everyone regardless of their personal preferences.

Netflix is marginally better, but not for the notifications in the top-right corner (bell icon), which are always irrelevant unless it is to announce a new season of a series I have watched.

It's not that I want Google to serve me ads I like all the time, but I wonder how their business model works (and apparently it does work) if other people also get irrelevant ads. For Amazon and Netflix it is more annoying as I could be saving time if the AI was doing its job, but instead it keeps browsing indefinitely for new books, movies and series.

Have you had similar experiences?