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The issue I think that the main body of ANA split very early from Basal Eurasian in a back migration or at least expansion into the rest of North and East Africa, either from the Levante-Near East or the Nile Region/North East Africa. I'd suppose that ANA and BEA would thus closer to each other, making E the preferable candidate for both to spread on the paternal side. I pretty much doubt E1b1b was in Africa before the next large scale back migration, which went through the region and created IBM, pushing the others South through the Green Sahara. So even in the case Natufians had an IBM influenced back migration of some sort introducing paternal lineages, it would still bring E1b1b closer to the BEA than to the local earlier E-carriers in Africa.
Natufians just don't look like being heavily influenced by IBM-like people. Rather if, from a common source group for IBM and Natufians alike in North East Africa/Levante/South Arabia, which too was closer to Natufians and pre-Natufians in the Near East. We'll see.
Maybe this culture


Brought the ANA component to the levant
Did the natufians who were in the same time as them had some ANA component ?

I do agree that if a paleolithic remain from south arabia will turn e1b1b and if he had significant basal ancestery than you might have a point though
Time will tell