Sometimes I think no one reads my posts, so I just won't bother in the future. Don't read the papers, don't read the supplements or look at the tables, don't do your research or at least follow the links I post. Believe whatever nonsense you hear on other sites where the morons also don't do their homework.

I said that two of the samples were completely ancestral for SLC45A2 and one, the Cretan one, was heterozygous. I said it innumerable times. That makes it highly unlikely they were fair.

I know that this latest Hirisplex is for use all round the world. THAT's why I linked to the paper with PICTURES of the skin color for each designation used. THERE IS NO GUESSWORK involved.

I guess, as always, no one can even be counted on to click links. These are the skin colors in the Hirisplex system.

Is it finally clear what they mean???