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Not only is this post misguided, it is wrong on several points. Nevertheless, we are not here to discuss social issues or make inflammatory inferences. We are here to strictly discuss the paper.

Genetically, these samples have absolutely nothing to do with SSA, so the fact that they may be dark-skinned doesn't mean they are black. Just like how it doesn't mean Chedder man was SSA, because he was dark skinned. Black and White are nebulous outmoded constructs not based on genetics, which we have discussed on this site, ad nauseum. If you want to discuss that, please search for another thread dedicated to that topic.
In addition, anyone who thinks possessing mtDna L3 means someone is African doesn't know a darn thing about genetics.

That particular mtDna's appearance in Europe is the result of arrival in the Neolithic, and has nothing to do with skin color or "racial" affiliation.

Are we going to have the "one drop rule" for uniparental markers now? What's next? All E-V13 men are African?

I predicted to you ignorant t-rolls would take over this forum, and it's happening.