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i am going to tell something
this is a leak .....
r1b was found in early bronze age north albania (i saw it in serbian dna forum )
i don't know the details when i will know more i will post it ...
2 samples from bronze age north albania :
early bronze age r1b
middle bronze age j2b

Добио сам прелиминарне резултате једног истраживања старе ДНК на простору Албаније. Немам детаљнијих информација (лабораторија, датум објављивања студије и сл). Зна се само да је прва тура са севера Албаније, док ће друга бити са југа.

Неки од резултата

Северна Албанија, Рано бронзано доба: R1b-PF7563

Северна Албанија, Средње бронзано доба/Касно бронзано доба: J2b2-M241

I received preliminary results from an old DNA study in Albania. I do not have more detailed information (laboratory, date of publication of the study, etc.). It is only known that the first tour is from the north of Albania, while the second will be from the south.

Some of the results

Northern Albania, Early Bronze Age: R1b-PF7563

Northern Albania, Middle Bronze Age / Late Bronze Age: J2b2-M241

Thanks for sharing.

R1b-PF7563 https://www.yfull.com/tree/R-PF7563/

J2b2-M241 https://yfull.com/tree/J-M241/