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Thread: Sexual habits and certain kinds of cancer

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    Sexual habits and certain kinds of cancer

    Perhaps they should post this on high school and university bulletin boards

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    I recall reading that oral sex is considered more taboo in certain races/ethnicities. US blacks, for example, apparently perceive it as being more intimate an act than do white Americans. I have to say I've always agreed, if only because the physical pleasure (if not the psychological) is pretty much one way. I can imagine such cultural perceptions are a product of basic biological responses, regarding immunity, as the article states.

    I think the paper I originally read mentioned the discrepancies between certain parts of the world, especially Europe, and others regarding men's preference for 'bum' or 'breasts', with a breast preference and related sexual practices simulating mother-child breastfeeding. This resulted in a biological 'hoodwinking' that essentially tricked the involved partners into feeling more strongly bonded.

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