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Johen, I fear you are making your own definition of what/who is EHG... the Baikal element was, I think, a slight part of EHG, not the core, by far.
To me it seems typical CWC have different physical features than the most of Andronovo, even if they share a good chunk of same components at the basis. BTW, Andronovo, as a cultural concept, contains some variations in its population composition, according t places and crossings at the margins with WSHG.
Concernng shapes, broad faces - at lest at the cheekbones level was a common thing among almost all European and Eurasian HG's. If something happened, it would be rather a narrowing of faces among CWC, perhaps an exaggerated effect of crossings with farmers elements (an hypothesis). What hapened is rather a narrowing on the westward way than a broadening on the eastward way...
Just my opinion for what it is worth.
there is some misunderstanding. I mean lake baikal(= almost full of east asian)

I think I mentioned all on the base of acdemic paper. Actually now I am tired of quoting unlike before. Regarding andronovo anthro, I quoted several times recent russian paper that andronovo people have 3 types and how "Andronovo proper" looks like.

Think about how andronovo migrated if the blow R1a came from west:

"the oldest example of r1a in ancient dna from central asia is dated to 2132-1940 calbce (id i3770, narasimhan 2019). moreover, this sequence is closely related to much older r1a samples from central, eastern and northern europe, and phylogenetically nested within their diversity. thus, it must surely represent a population expansion from europe to central asia. indeed, it's also associated with the bronze age andronovo archeological culture, which is usually seen as an offshoot of the corded ware culture (cwc) of late neolithic europe. the vast majority of present-day r1a lineages in central asia are closely related to that of i3770, and so must also ultimately derive from europe."

The archaeology paper that east andronovo culture is much older than west has already mention in every forum, and I quoted a few times in here and there.

Now it will be good if scholar focus upon west siberia more than ever which has a key.