This map shows the percentage of the population who says that abortion should be legal in all or most cases (2015-17). It is based on the data from the Pew Research, except for Turkey, India, China and Japan, which are from the Ipsos survey for 2017. No data was available for Muslim countries, but another Pew Research survey showed that over 70% of Muslims in Southeast Europe, the Middle East and North Africa believed that abortion was morally wrong (thus less than 30% of support).

Pew Research conducted a survey by state in the USA in 2014. The most liberal states were Massachusetts (74% of support), Vermont (70%) and Connecticut (67%), which places them somewhere between Italy and Spain or Austria.

The most conservative states were Mississippi (36%), Kentucky (36%), Alabama (37%), and Arkansas (38%), who falls in the same range of support of Ukraine and Russia, and not far away from Muslim countries.