"De novo mutations (DNMs) are known to play a prominent role in sporadic disorders with reduced fitness. We hypothesize that DNMs play an important role in male infertility and explain a significant fraction of the genetic causes of this understudied disorder. To test this hypothesis, we performed trio-based exome-sequencing in a unique cohort of 185 infertile males and their unaffected parents. Following a systematic analysis, 29 of 145 rare protein altering DNMs were classified as possibly causative of the male infertility phenotype. We observed a significant enrichment of Loss-of-Function (LoF) DNMs in LoF-intolerant genes (p-value=1.00x10-5) as well as predicted pathogenic missense DNMs in missense-intolerant genes (p-value=5.01x10-4). One DNM gene identified, RBM5, is an essential regulator of male germ cell pre-mRNA splicing. In a follow-up study, 5 rare pathogenic missense mutations affecting this gene were observed in a cohort of 2,279 infertile patients, with no such mutations found in a cohort of 5,784 fertile men (p-value=0.009). Our results provide the first evidence for the role of DNMs in severe male infertility and point to many new candidate genes affecting fertility."

I'm reminded of all the papers indicating that it is men not women who accumulate more mutations with age.