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Thread: Genetic analysis of Ancient Gaul

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    Post Genetic analysis of Ancient Gaul

    I have created a page dedicated the the genetics of ancient Gauls. I calculated the Dodecad K12b average percentages for 16 Gaulish samples and ran them against modern populations in Vahaduo to obtain the closest matches.
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    Congratulations Maciamo. Yes, very nice analysis for the ancient GauIs. I believe that Vahaduo Dodecad K12b can be a good calculator in most situations, especially if the miscegenation degree of the analyzed individual is not very high, which implies a greater correspondence of the individual percentages with the clusters of eachethnic group in populations spreadsheet. In my case, Portuguese and Iberian ancestry is evidenced with a the add of a small part of African ancestry, probably from slaves arrived in Brazil from Angola. The modern MTA calculator seems comes a little closer to the results of the EU K15, IMO.

    Vahaduo modern Dodecad K12b:

    Distance to: Duarte
    4.86428823 Portuguese
    5.60963457 Spanish_Canarias
    6.56048779 Spanish_Castilla-Leon
    6.81144625 Spanish_Galicia
    7.27809041 Spanish_Valencia
    7.42806839 Spanish_Andalusia
    7.74020026 Spanish_Baleares
    8.34568751 Spanish_Asturias
    8.43749370 Spanish_Catalonia
    8.88155955 Spanish_Aragon
    9.45535298 Spanish_Cantabria
    10.56102268 Italian_Aosta_Valley
    11.58249973 Spanish_La_Rioja
    12.25061274 Swiss_Italian
    12.33901941 Italian_Piedmont
    12.77031715 Italian_Lombardy
    12.98469869 Italian_Trentino
    13.73355380 Italian_Liguria
    13.90171572 Italian_Veneto
    14.54954295 Italian_Emilia
    14.56949896 French_Southwest
    15.16802558 Italian_Friuli_VG
    15.94834788 Italian_Tuscany
    16.19828386 French_Corsica
    16.20948796 French_Northeast

    2way mix:
    Target: Duarte
    Distance: 3.3272% / 3.32716206 | R2P
    96.5 Portuguese
    3.5 Bantu_S.E._Tswana

    Target: Duarte
    Distance: 3.3850% / 3.38503466 | R2P
    96.8 Portuguese
    3.2 Mandenka

    3way mix:
    Target: Duarte
    Distance: 2.2211% / 2.22110742 | R3P
    59.2 Portuguese
    35.6 Spanish_Aragon
    5.2 Luhya

    Target: Duarte
    Distance: 2.3115% / 2.31152646 | R3P
    62.1 Portuguese
    33.2 Spanish_Aragon
    4.7 Bantu_S.E._Tswana

    Modern MTA:
    Your closest genetic modern populations...

    1. Portuguese (6.307)
    2. Spanish_Extremadura (7.061)
    3. Spanish_Galicia (7.266)
    4. Spanish_Cantabria (7.592)
    5. Spanish_Castilla_Y_Leon (7.609)
    6. Spanish_Murcia (7.860)
    7. Spanish_Cataluna (7.977)
    8. Spanish_Castilla_La_Mancha (9.082)
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    Here is a Dodecad K12b PCA I had made of Bronze Age and Iron Age French samples compared to other ancient groups:

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    Nice work Maciamo and Jovialis: Thanks Duarte for sharing your results: My top 25 distances (gradiant 50) for modern using Dodecad K12 (Vahaduo): Dodecad K7 has the Ancient Roman samples by Cluster (i.e. C1, C2...C6..C7) which I think Jovialis worked on if I remember correctly. Is there similar clustering of the Ancient Roman samples from Antonio et al 2019 in Dodecad K12? I know using K7, I get strong clustering with the C6 cluster that Jovialis is showing in his PCA which I also get with Modern Italian samples in Dodecad K12 Modern and Ancient single. I would think those Dodecad K12 matches are in the C6 cluster using Dodecad K12 as well.

    Distance to: PalermoTrapani
    3.55695094 Italian_Campania
    3.83109645 Italian_Abruzzo
    4.03399306 Italian_Sicily
    5.85703850 Italian_Calabria
    6.29590343 Italian_Apulia
    6.47651913 Ashkenazi_Jews
    7.04365275 Italian_Marche
    7.18862991 MD_Jewish
    7.65706210 Italian_Lazio
    7.90179726 Greek_Lemnos
    8.92854971 Italian_Jews
    9.03374230 Greek_Foca
    9.04327927 Greek_Athens
    9.04979005 Greek_Central
    9.35666073 Greek_Fournoi
    9.70223686 Greek_Izmir
    10.45749014 Italian_Romagna
    10.57145212 Greek_Crete
    10.81484165 Greek_Peloponnese
    11.64560432 Sephardic_Jews
    11.69138999 Greek_Icaria
    11.84918563 Albanian
    12.07460558 Greek_Kos
    12.38930587 Greek_Thrace
    12.53945374 Morocco_Jews

    top 25 Ancient:
    Distance to: PalermoTrapani
    2.59038607 R56_Medieval_Era_Villa_Magna
    2.76190152 R52_Medieval_Era_Villa_Magna
    3.27177322 R122_Late_Antiquity_S_Ercolano_Necropolis_Ostia
    3.34701359 R35_Late_Antiquity_Celio
    3.84983117 R131_Imperial_Era_Via_Paisiello_Necropolis
    4.10471680 R835_Imperial_Era_Civitanova_Marche
    4.16370028 R1290_Medieval_Era_Villa_Magna
    4.18976133 R437_Iron_Age_Palestrina_Selicata
    4.32090268 R973_Medieval_Era_Tivoli_Palazzo_Cianti
    4.40341913 Szolad40
    4.54783465 R49_Imperial_Era_Centocelle_Necropolis
    4.57668002 R117_Late_Antiquity_S_Ercolano_Necropolis_Ostia
    4.82952379 R65_Medieval_Era_Villa_Magna
    4.83867751 R54_Medieval_Era_Villa_Magna
    5.03103369 R836_Imperial_Era_Civitanova_Marche
    5.08341421 Collegno121
    5.10995108 R57_Medieval_Era_Villa_Magna
    5.30245226 R47_Imperial_Era_Centocelle_Necropolis
    5.32897739 R59_Medieval_Era_Villa_Magna
    5.43089311 R969_Medieval_Era_Tivoli_Palazzo_Cianti
    5.46635162 R64_Medieval_Era_Villa_Magna
    5.50746766 R121_Late_Antiquity_S_Ercolano_Necropolis_Ostia
    5.68175149 R107_Late_Antiquity_Crypta_Balbi
    5.70777540 R113_Imperial_Era_Via_Paisiello_Necropolis
    5.90403252 R118_Late_Antiquity_S_Ercolano_Necropolis_Ostia

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maciamo View Post
    I have created a page dedicated the the genetics of ancient Gauls. I calculated the Dodecad K12b average percentages for 16 Gaulish samples and ran them against modern populations in Vahaduo to obtain the closest matches.
    Interesting, Maciamo.
    I notice in LN Switzerland, the Aesch25 (the only Y-R1b there and the late of the site) with 54,8% of 'north-euro', 19,8% 'gedrosia', a very reduced % of 'atlant-med', and 0% of 'NW-Africa' and Caucasus.
    in other places, where I notice too some heterogeneity, we see the same link between 'north-euro' and 'gedrosia'; K12b is a special way (based on modern pops) to analyse admixture, and the opposition 'caucasus'-'gedrosia' has been criticised by someones, but I find all that very interesting, before to read it more serously. Thanks.

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    You speak of heterogeneity among Gauls, but the period of the highest heterogeneity is the BB's one, not surprising; after, it tends to homogenise progressively; all the way I wonder if the elite's exogamy doesn't explain the lasting of some heterogeneity; Celts were dominant tribes upon "loosers" before they underwent osmosis, and the DNA we have is I think rather the elite's one.

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    Country: Brazil

    Nice topic

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