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Thread: Road Trip Lunigiana

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    Road Trip Lunigiana

    I've been torturing myself with new videos of home; homesickness can kill you.

    Road Trip Through the Lunigiana:

    It's just pictures, so no language issue. Around 8 minutes in is Bagnone, my mother's village, and I particularly like the part starting around 13 because it shows our beautiful vistas.

    Ed. At 15.19, without mentioning it's name they show the village at whose base I was born.

    This one is about the Via Francigena (French Road), the Pilgrim's Path which led from Canterbury, through France, across the Alps at the Cisa Pass and down to Rome through the Lunigiana and the rest of Toscana. The Pilgrims are coming back. So sweet to hear the accents of home.

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