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Thread: "WOKE" America

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    Quote Originally Posted by Angela View Post
    You're right about everything except the classification of "Hispanic whites". "White" Hispanics largely of Cuban origin demanded the classification. I sometimes think there is more racism within the Hispanic community than without it. The Cubans who fled Castro had no idea they had a minority of Black and Amerindian ancestry, and a lot of them weren't very happy about it. The same is true of the descendants of the settlers of New Mexico etc. A U.S. Senator from there took a dna test on a public tv program and when asked what she expected it to show she said: Spanish. She was stunned to see she was almost 30% Amerindian. This is someone whose community demanded that "white" Hispanic population label.

    It's not been the government demanding these labels, not since the 1960s at the latest; it's the minorities. Sometimes it's to show their identity as "white", something that Middle Easterners went to court to achieve in the early 20th century, for example, and sometimes it's so that they can qualify for all the governmental programs aimed at minorities which were passed after the 1960s in a blizzard of beneficial legislation . One of our Presidential candidates, for example, claimed American Indian status to get preferential acceptance into college and to get a job as a Professor (to meet quotas for minority representation).

    One reason blacks and "non-white" Hispanics want those identity labels is because they can use the census figures to demand reconfiguration of voting districts and thereby guarantee minority members in legislatures. It's also, as I said, to get into college independent of good SAT scores, to get jobs for which there is a quota, to get favorable loans for business start ups and buying a house etc.

    These things are much more complicated than they might seem to outsiders.
    Absurd that identity thing drives the US (or even Europe) to the Yugo scenario....disgusting. Either McCulloch white nationalism, also along the Trumpist (the proud boys) to sections of BLM and obviously the Hispanics too. Even Gaska begins about the Spanish America revival

    I'm more comfortable with a sense of color blindness. Those sharp identity things leads only to hatred and wars....nothing good.
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