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Thread: Using 'Eupedia Ancient Ethnicities Checker' on modern and ancient populations

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    Post Using 'Eupedia Ancient Ethnicities Checker' on modern and ancient populations

    I did a little experiment to assess the reliability of the new Eupedia Ancient Ethnicities Checker. I ran a few modals against the rest of them to see what wed get. For example:

    The best match for Latins is: 2.49966694 25.80% Mycenaean_Greece_(n=4) + 74.20% Early_Bronze_Age_Southern_France_(n=5)

    Another good match is:
    3.68241297 33.20% Early_Neolithic_Italy_(n=10) + 66.80% Middle-Late_Bronze_Age_Hungary_(n=6)

    Sounds about right. The Hallstatt culture is not included yet, so close alternatives are Bronze Age Southern France and Hungary, on either side of the Alps. The indigenous population of Chalcolithic Italy with whom the Italic tribes mixed would have been close to Neolithic Italians or LBA Greeks.

    For Iron Age Gauls/Belgae, we get (excluding later ethnicities like the Lombards):

    1.28658654 23.60% Middle_Neolithic_France_(n=19) + 76.40% Bell_Beaker_Germany_(n=24)
    1.57798982 78.80% Bell_Beaker_Germany_(n=24) + 21.20% Nuragic_Sardinia_(n=13)
    1.65099485 20.00% Middle_Neolithic_Sardinia_(n=10) + 80.00% Bell_Beaker_Germany_(n=24)
    1.77197350 24.00% Late_Neolithic_Switzerland_(n=58) + 76.00% Bell_Beaker_Germany_(n=24)

    Every time Bell Beaker Germany + a Neolithic population from France or nearby. That's exactly what happened.

    The closest (unmixed) populations are:

    3.35393798 Middle_Bronze_Age_North_Alps_(n=7)
    4.55172495 Early_Bronze_Age_Swabia_(n=24)

    It points at the Hallstatt and La Tène origin of the Gauls in the northern Alps. Couldn't be better.

    For the Suebi/Alemanni, some interesting matches include:

    2.83544626 27.40% Megalithic_Europe_(n=24) + 72.60% Corded_Ware_culture_(n=22)
    2.91822266 66.80% Bell_Beaker_Gaul_(n=13) + 33.20% Corded_Ware_culture_(n=22)
    2.96852856 39.60% Corded_Ware_culture_(n=22) + 60.40% Early_Bronze_Age_Swabia_(n=24)
    3.17133247 72.60% Bell_Beaker_Germany_(n=24) + 27.40% Bell_Beaker_Netherlands_(n=7)

    Germanic tribes have their origins in a merger of the Corded Ware (R1a-dominant) and Bell Beaker (R1b-dominant) cultures. They both overran the cultures of Megalithic Europe, which included Megalithic Scandinavia and NW Germany.

    The Anglo-Saxons' best match is:

    2.07965895 24.60% MN_Westphalia_(Megalithic_Wartberg)_(n=6) + 75.40% Bell_Beaker_Netherlands_(n=7)

    Once again, excellent match. Megalithic NW Germany + BB Netherlands are the closest geographically to the Neolithic + Bell Beaker blend.
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