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Thread: Stone Age Tools from Turkey

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    Stone Age Tools from Turkey

    "TRABZON, TURKEY—The Anadolu Agency reports that 13,000-year-old stone tools have been recovered in Anatolia from a cave located near the Black Sea. Hülya Çalışkan Akgül of Karadeniz Technical University said the tools were made of obsidian and flint imported from Cappadocia and the Caucasus, and are the oldest documented in the region. “We think that our first cave will not be the only one,” Akgul added. “We think there is a possibility to find various stone tools in other caves as well.” "

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    Cappadocia was the obsidian center of SW Asia.
    That is how Central Anatolia got involved in agriculture.
    Obsidian was traded for cereals and goat and sheep.
    I wonder what they got in exchange from the Black Sea.

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