Into the 1950s peasants in the Lunigiana were still hand weaving baskets like this, and seats for chairs etc. In some areas, including the Lunigiana, some elderly people still do it. I'd want to be with them if civilization collapsed; they have all the skills for survival.


WEST BANK—The Jerusalem Post reports that an intact basket complete with lid has been recovered from Muraba’at Cave, which is located in the dry Judean Desert. The 24-gallon capacity container has been dated to 10,500 years ago through analysis of samples taken from four different areas of the artifact. Haim Cohen of the Israel Antiquities Authority said examination of the basket suggests it was woven by two people, one of whom was left-handed. “We do not know yet which type of plant was used to make it, but we are looking into it,” he added. Analysis of the small amount of soil found inside the vessel may help researchers determine what it contained.