I've been analysing my raw datas with Morlay predictor and it says: E-L250 aka E1b1b1a1b1a7
But ISOGG says E-L250 is E1b1b1a1b1a4 and now related to E-L143.
From there, I found that it was related to E-V13 (wikipedia E-V68 page)
Then I checked the geneanet predictor, it gave me: E-L618. I didn't found much informations about this.
First of all: am I really related to E-V13 ?
My fatherline is from Aures mountains in Algeria, so I wrote this personal route:
E-M78 (egypt)
E-L618 (sardinian or croatian or iberian)
E-V13 (balkan)
E-L250 (back to north africa - the mechtoid or iberomaurisian man, which have been tested positive to E-L650 (wikipedia mechta-afalou page)

May this be one of the two "native berber" haplogroup along with E-M81 who never left african continent ? Any clues would be much appriciated.