Hi folks.

I've been uploading my raw datas from the autosomal test of MyHeritage to YSEQ, and it gaves me the prediction for Y-hap E-L618
I've been also uploading it to Morley's predictor and it says: E-L250 (E1b1b1a1b1a4 or a7 in 2013 ISOGG tree)
It seems that this E-L250 was part of E-V13, or have been removed or renamed, in any case I can't find it everywhere else.
I've seen that E-L618 arose near croatia with cladefinder.yseq.net map tool but no information about E-L250
I tried the same with scaledinnovation.com/gg/snpTracker.html and it says E-L618 arose in the middle east.
Most important, when I tried with E-L250 on this last site it transformed it into J-PH4970 ?
Is this site more reliable than the first one ? Did E-L250 become a J haplogroup ? Are those maps well made ?

Thank you !