I have taken the Y-111 test (actually my cousin took it for me) and I match another person at the 67 marker with a Genetic Distance of 7. It shows his Y-DNA and Terminal Snap as R-FGC8579. I guess I am looking to confirm that it must mean that I have that terminal snap as well. My haplogroup from FTDNA is M269 and my cousin's half brother (same father) was given the haplogroup of Z159 from 23andme. I have quite a few Z159 matches on FTDNA and when I entered my cousin's info into NEVGEN it came back as R1b - U106 - Z381 - Z301 - L48 - L47 - Z159 - S3251 with a 99.91% accuracy. Would that match with terminal snap of R-FGC8579 save me from having to upgrade to get a more detailed Haplogroup? My earliest known ancestor was in Plymouth, MA in the 1630's and came from England (not sure where in England), but I also have a few Y matches from Belarus. I was able to get some great information from Iain in the Yahoo group about S3251 and he placed S3251 somewhere near the Baltic shores. I guess I'm wondering if it would be a wise assumption that S3251 would be a correct haplogroup and if I match a terminal snap, if I could assume my Haplogroup goes from S3251 to RFGC8579? Thanks in advance for any info/help!