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Thread: Where is he from?

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    Y-DNA haplogroup
    R1b - L21/S145*
    MtDNA haplogroup

    Ethnic group
    more celtic
    Country: France

    This guy has not typically 'nordic' type head bones. Even less for fleshy parts.
    Concerning the blond mirage of Berbers, their lighter regions are roughly said around 5 % of blond/blondish hair, and around 40-50% of brown hair not very dark brown nor blackish; it is'nt a 'tsunami' of fair ***mentation, but in the countries they occupy it's very fair;
    ATW this is not true for all regions and Berbers are not an homogenous group. In kabylie I read they had around 4% or red hairs and 14% of freckling. If I rely on old studies, the fairer people are in Atlas (the most part in Northern Marocco), in Little Kabylia, in the Aurès, and Eastern shores of Tunisia.
    Among 'Arabs' the Anshiares (ancienly between Syria and Lebanon if I don't mistake, in mountainous parts, first) would have been even fairer (around 8% of blond/blondish hairs)

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    Country: Czech Republic

    Looks mostly English

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