The study conducted by Koç University is based on the samples collected for ALS disease, the samples collected irrespective of their ethnicity are referred to collectively as "Turkish" in the study.

source: OsuStjv2LX25dskvSJSIiz8rE

someone in anthrogenica ( began a spreadsheet with those samples which he will updated daily gedmatch )
what he says:

Here is an "ethnicity prediction" spreadsheet where we add each sample's ADMIXTURE and oracle results. You can see the GEDmatch IDs/autosomal DNA profiles, Y-DNA and mtDNA haplogroups. They are being constantly updated
BTW, there are near 800 samples and all of them are WGS. AFAIK, Yfull team is going to upload all of them

that is great as we will have a chance also to see the autosomal profile of the individual and not only
his y dna and mtdna