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View Poll Results: Should women keep their man's name after marrige?

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Thread: Should women keep their man's last name?

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    Should women keep their man's last name?

    Back in the day it wasn't such big topic, as it was logical that once two people marry they will stay together forever mostly.
    But in modern age due to some elements we can see mostly in western society, that is no longer true, and probably everybody of us knows at least one person who is divorced, and in that case I understand that keeping the name of your ex isn't so comfortable.
    Good practice might be putting the last name as the middle name, but that's just random thought.

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    I don't think women, particularly professional women should take their husband's last name. I tried to discourage my wife from taking mine but she did not like hers. I have a former college sweetheart that has been married 4 times and every time she changed her last name. What a pain in the rear to change your name in all the official records 4 times.

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    They should do whatever they want.

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    When married, I wanted my wife to have my name. A double name would have been acceptable, if she would have insisted, for herself, but not for my children. Otherwise I don't care as much. I know women which were only shortly married and took the name of their well-known, in a specific business circle and social environment, husband, and they kept it afterwards. Most likely because of a positive effect on their career. That's kind of strange, from my point of view, if they were married only shortly, there were no children and they keep the name of a man from a "some months" marriage. Its ok, but somewhat strange nevertheless. Its different if there are children or the marriage lasted longer, I'd say. After all, names can be kind of a trade mark in some scientific and business circles, so its kind of a loss to constantly having to change it. For me marriage is about family. I don't need to get married for a love affair and don't understand it. Even more ridiculous are those people which marry every affair, even more so if they are rich men which lose a good fraction of their wealth to such spouses afterwards.

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