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We actually just got finished barbecuing when that first goal happened. We suddenly lost our appetite, we ate a little bit, then went to coffee and then a bit of hard liquor. After the match we re-heated the food on the barbecue and ate happily! What a great day, I will remember it forever.
Me too; today and 2006. :)

I remember that clip. Brings back such happy memories.

The interviews on the field by the Italian press with Mancini, Chiellini, and especially later with Bernardeschi had me crying. Bonucci was his usual blunt self, saying what everybody else was too gentlemanly to say.

Reading all the congratulatory comments from the Germans, the French, and more than any other country, the Danes, was very heart-warming. That's not to mention some Scots and Irish. :)

Ah, I hope this year continues on this trajectory. My band won Eurovision and are number one globally on Spotify, and my national team arose from the ashes and won the Euro Cup against England in Wembley after a 34 game winning streak. It doesn't get much better.

Notti magiche, indeed.