A Chinese study from some years ago found that 40% of Chinese men belong to 3 Neolithic subclades of Y-DNA Haplogroup O3, that is carried by ~70% of men in China.
The origin of the 3 subclades dates between 5000-7000 Before Present in the Yellow River Basin (Northern China), while agriculture was developing in that area.
That is interesting because proves that other regions have had massive substitutions of Prehistoric male lineages while entering the Neolithic and Metal Ages.
Even though this is not such an extreme event of substituting whole different Haplogroups.
Like Bantu Y-DNA Haplogroup E-V38 expansion in Neolithic Africa, or Aryan R1 Haplogroups in Bronze Age Europe.
It shows the seeds of civilization in other places were created by particular male lineages specifically linked to the Neolithic or Metal Working Revolutions. Even though they are part of the lineage already established in the area, Haplogroup O3.