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Thread: Haplogroup H is NOT Native to Europe?

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    Haplogroup H is NOT Native to Europe?

    I've always read in this site mt Haplogroup H is native to Paleolithic Europe.
    But looking the Hp frequencies of ancient samples gives a totally different perspective.
    Here you can see H is non existent in Mesolithic Europe, only exists in Mesolithic Russia, interesting. Native mt-DNA Hp was U, nowadys like 10%.
    Here, you can see that Central European Neolithic cultures had more Hp H than 'Native' Megalithic cultures.

    This kind of disprove this idea that women have been in the same regions since the Paleolithic while only men have been replaced by whole different Haplogroups.
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    Where did you read that haplogroup H was native to Europe? It arose about 25,000 years ago as a descendant of haplogroup HV, which is clearly Middle Eastern. That is for H*. After that H diversified in over 100 clades and some of these clades arose in Europe after H* migrated from the Middle East.
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    I mean. By native I mean that it was long present by the time of the Paleolithic/Mesolithic.
    You made the claim that H1 and H3 were the main lineages that repopulated W Europe after the LGM. But in 41 Mesolithic samples Hp H is not found even once. That maybe means that those Haplogroups followed the same route or looked for the same regions to establish than post-glaciation colonizers, but came during the Neolithic, or maybe late Mesolithic.
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