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Thread: Inteligence is linked to mt-DNA Haplogroups?

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    Inteligence is linked to mt-DNA Haplogroups?

    I'm not really an expert in genetics, maybe users with deeper knowledge can help me.
    But I launch this idea to open a thread where maybe we get interesting data.

    I've heard that Haplogroup K help its carriers with brain functions that for example, make Askhenazi Jews more intelligent on average, since 32% are Hp K.

    The main purpose of Mitochondrias is produce glucose and other nutrients(mostly 'sugars').
    And sugar is the essential nutrient of the brain. To the point, we are the living beings that feed ourselves the most with carbohydrates, and use the brain the brain more than any other animal. Agriculture, for example, produces a high quantity of carbohydrates.

    I wanna know from people with expertise in these fields if there's any correlation between mt-DNA and inteligence.

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    There's new content I wanna post about IQs and mothers.
    A detail I find interesting is that Jews and Arabs share paternal haplogroups, same for Spanish and LatinAmericans.
    But Jews and Europeans(Spanish) have much more of a higher IQ than Arabs and LatinAmericans. Like 15-30 points differences.

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    I don't think that a mt-DNA can be the reason for high or low intelligence, but many mt-DNAs are linked to populations and so there is maybe a statistical effect.

    I use this SNPs to get a view of (possible) intelligence of populations for my own DNA-hobby:

    rs11743006 Mathematical Ability
    rs12640626 Graduation
    rs8049439 Graduation
    rs2966 Graduation
    rs11588857 Graduation
    rs438895 Economical Success
    rs4950 Ability to guide other people

    Sowhen it comes to a genetic rating, I got this for actual and ancient populations:

    Highly intelligent: East Asians, South Asians, Maglemose, Jarawa, Linear Pottery West

    Intelligent: Alföld Linear Pottery, Jewish, Yamnaya, European, Swede, Middle East

    Middle:West African Bantu, Ertebolle, Kongemose

    Low intelligence: Afro American, All Africans, Mbuti, Neanderthal (Chimpanzee and Gorillas have the same kind of alleles like Neanderthals)

    I have no racist intention, that's just based in the noted SNPs. There may be far more SNPs determining intelligence and ones that have a greater meaning then the ones mentioned by me.

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