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Thread: About Y haplogroups O and D in western Europe?

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    About Y haplogroups O and D in western Europe?

    I know there are few western European men of Y haplogroup O,but it seems no D has been found among western Europeans by me.So how many western European men have O or D as their Y haplogroups?And how did they have O or D ancestry?

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    Asian Haplogroups in Europe is most likely reduced to 2 options.
    The first is, they came during the Bronze Age Migrations from the Steppe.
    Or, they came from the Huns, a Siberian/Mongoloid nomad people that arrived in Europe during the chaos of the late Roman Empire and the Barbarian invasions.
    The Huns however, where a very short lived empire with little long lasting impact, much like the Mongols.

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