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Thread: Selection of my most popular forum topics

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    Post Selection of my most popular forum topics


    Percentage of genetic similarity between humans and animals

    Genetic inheritance: why people can be closer to one parent than the other genetically

    How adventurers, outcasts and remainers shape the evolution of society

    Are humans genetically programmed to live in hierarchical societies?

    Humans : one species, infinite varieties

    How much of us can we change through gene therapy ?

    Genetic engineering, designer babies and gene therapy: would you do it ?

    How much do genes control our behaviour ?

    MAOA-L : Warrior Gene or Justice Gene ?

    Haplogroups of European kings and queens

    Recommended books about genetics


    Are proteins bad for your health ?

    ABO blood group and disease resistance

    Does diet or climate keep us alive longer ?

    Beneficial gut bacteria that produce vitamins B2, B9, B12 and K2

    Does regular physical exercice really increase life expectancy?

    Tea, coffee and chocolate: which is better for health?

    The placebo effect


    What characterises people with high IQ's?

    Do some cultures have more Asperger traits?

    How our choice of words betrays our thinking pattern

    How does one's name influence personality?

    What divides more people : gender, intelligence, religion or social class?

    Spiral dynamics - the evolution of human cultures

    Link between post-capitalist culture and higher happiness

    Range of emotions perceived by species


    My proposed tree of Indo-European languages

    Latin & Greek words of non-Indo-European origin

    Words from old Germanic languages in modern English and Latin languages

    Revising the reconstruction of Proto-Indo-European numerals

    Did Latin merge with Celtic languages to form Romance languages?

    Similar sounds typically used to designate basic words in most of the world languages

    What language best fits your personality?

    What do you like and dislike about each language?

    Illogical and irregular expressions in various languages


    List of cheeses invented over 300 years ago

    Facial reconstructions of famous Roman consuls of the Late Republic

    Gallic Wars : list of legates and other staff officers in Julius Caesar's army

    Worst military defeats in Roman history

    xx14, the true turn of century in European history


    Is there such thing as an Arab race?

    Do the Mordvins, Chuvash and Tatars descend from Carpathian Goths?

    Were the Goths related to the Scythians or Cimmerians?


    What is the ideal education system?

    How do you feel about your country's education system?

    Education in Europe and Japan : very different problems

    Nature & Environment

    How to help the planet and create a better world?

    What do you do for the environment?

    Carbon footprint of common consumer products

    Plant trees to offset your carbon footprint - it really makes a difference!

    How many trees are needed to compensate 1 tonne of CO2?

    What is the carbon footprint of a new petrol, hybrid and electric car?


    What divides more people : gender, intelligence, religion or social class?

    Are Italians more sexy because of their higher genetic diversity?

    Which form of colonialism was the worst?

    If you had the power to change your country's system, what would you choose?

    Why do people still care about (distant) genealogy?

    What are the 5 best things and 5 worst things about your country?

    What does it mean to be free?

    Are some countries doomed to high unemployment due to their genetic pool?

    Politics, Economy & Society

    Could a country give unrequested citizenship to someone in order to control them?

    What are the criteria defining a country ?

    Nationality VS Citizenship

    Why GDP per capita does not reflect a population's wealth

    How much do laws influence a country's culture?

    How GDP per capita can influence the stability of a democracy

    Democracy : the law of the richest?

    Fight for consistent social laws

    Trust in government by country

    Net monthly salaries of presidents, ministers, lawmakers and mayors in OECD

    New maps of the quality of roads, number of speeding fines & road fatalities


    Maciamo's book selection

    12 books about the world's past, present and future that you should read

    Best books about Ancient Rome

    Recommended books about genetics

    Forget paper books and start reading on Kindle: here is why


    Dumb regional laws in the USA

    Maps of life expectancy by US State by racial group and gender


    Religious Typology: a new way to categorise Americans by religion

    Correlation between obesity and religiosity

    Lack of religious affiliation set to become mainstream in Western countries

    Other topics

    Best cities to visit in Asia

    Food maturity index by country

    These are the best mobile banking apps in the world

    Most popular car makers by country (with market share)

    Ranking of richest celebrities (actors, singers, athletes)

    Largest Italian, Irish, Polish, Greek cities in the world outside their home country

    Riverless cities & island cities in Europe

    Amazing short videos about science and other topics

    Which linguistic group is most active on Wikipedia?
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