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Thread: help with understanding my results

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    help with understanding my results

    I did a DNA test with Myheritage and really don't understand the results. Videos I have seen of people who have done this tend to show that the number of matches roughly correlate with the ethnicity results. But in my case this seems to be way off. For instance it says I am 5.3% North African, but I only have 18 matches, whereas I have 2234 matches for English but am 0% English. Similarly why am I 1% Nigerian with only 41 matches and 0% Scandinavian with 1545 matches? Further down the table I have 22 matches for Chinese and Vietnamese, but it still scores 0%, whereas North African scores 5.3% with fewer matches. l know all of this is an estimate and cannot be precise, but I'm interested in why the Myheritage algorithm determined my percentages the way it did? Can anyone shed any light on this?

    Ethnicity Your Ethnicity results Number of matches
    North and West European 91.1% 1332
    North African 5.3% 18
    Balkan 2.6% 264
    Nigerian 1% 41
    Irish, Scottish, Welsh 0% 2297
    English 0% 2234
    Scandinavian 0% 1545
    Iberian 0% 510
    East European 0% 417
    Italian 0% 267
    Greek and South Italian 0% 173
    Baltic 0% 94
    Finnish 0% 88

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    Did you compare to that from other companies?

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