According to Living DNA, the percentage distribution of haplogroup U5b1b1 is, Saami 40%, Finland 7%, Mordovia 3%, Bashkir, Lithuania, Slovenia, Norway 2% each, Russia, Chuvashia, Sweden and Bosnia Herzegovia 1% each. Other countries not noted less than 1%.

My current and ancient dna matches at YFull for U5b1b1-b (U5b1b1-T16192C!) include the following. No country recorded 31, Finland 31, Poland 6, Italy, Hungary, Turkey, Slovakia, Belarus, Sweden, Norway 2 each, Various central Europe countries 1 each. U5b1b1-b and U5b1b1a represented in my matches.

Does this indicate Finland and Saami areas of Scandinavia as being strong 'contenders' for the origin of my haplogroup. U5b1b1 is often stated as being widespread in Europe. It exists in central areas at low percentages, and has far stronger representation in the NW. In UK it's seems it's quite rare.