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Thread: LifeShip: Send your DNA to the moon in a time capsule

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    LifeShip: Send your DNA to the moon in a time capsule

    What We Offer
    We want to send you to space! You are invited to add your DNA and personal story to the LifeShip capsule. Your DNA gets preserved in synthetic amber and launched on a rocket to the Moon. You get written into the forever record of humanity. Your legacy lives on beyond Earth.

    This record comprises the DNA of fellow humans, as well as diverse plant and animal species, plus an archive of human knowledge. You can choose to travel with friends and family; celebrate your bond with a special pet; or honor a lost loved one. Whichever mission you choose, you’ll be in good company!
    I saw an ad for this randomly online.

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    Excellent. Now, even if my cryopreserved head is destroyed in a future apocalypse, my DNA preserved on the Moon will allow for my future clone to move to a habitable moon of Saturn before the Sun turns into a red giant and burns planet Earth to a crisp.

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