One thing is misleading as to the auxiliaries stationed there.

  1. Roman Vindolanda
  2. Ninth Cohort of Batavians – From a large island in the Rhine-Meuse Delta near the modern city of Nijmegen, The Netherlands. At Vindolanda c. AD 90- 105
  3. First Cohort of Tungrians – from modern Belgium near the city of Tongeren. At Vindolanda c. AD 85-90 and c. AD 105-130
  4. Second Cohort Nervian – From northern Gaul, now parts of Belgium and France. At Vindolanda c. AD 140-160.
  5. Fourth Cohort Gauls – From Gallia Lugdunensis, now modern France with their capital city at Lugdunum (Lyon). At Vindolanda c. AD 213-300.
  6. Vardulli Cavalry – From Northern Spain, the current Basque region. At Vindolanda with the First Cohort of Tungrians c. AD 105-130.


  1. Second Cohort Dalmatia – From modern Croatia neat the modern city of Split.
  2. First Cohort of Hamian Archers – From Hama in the Orontes valley in northern Syria.