also in Northern Australia burial mounds have been discovered now

Archaeologists working on a project in western Cape York, at the northern tip of Queensland, Australia, have announced the confirmation of an extensive mound-building culture in the region, responsible for hundreds of ceremonial burial mounds. The structures had been known about, indeed some were even built on, but they were previously assumed to be natural features of the landscape.

the dating of these mounds is not confirmed yet

“We don’t know how old they are,” offered archaeologist Mary-Jean Sutton. “They could be 6,000 years old. They could be tens of thousands of years old. We believe potentially 5,000 to 6,000 years old, but they could be much, much older and potentially also younger, and we need to carry out more research to date them.”
could it be related with the spread of the Pama-Nyungan languages ?

these languages are supposed to have spread from this area some 3500 years ago


they were HG coming from southern Celebes after the first rice farmers arrived there
along with them they brought new tools and dogs, the ancestor of the Australian dingo, feral dogs today


the Pama-Nyungan languages spread over most of Australia, the yellow area in the image above

the topic of Pama-Nyungan languages is controversial, as it undermines the claims of the Australian Aboriginees that they lived in Australia since 50.000 years ago